The Annual Biology Graduate Student Symposium

4 11 2010

UVic’s Biology graduate students share their research. Fifteen minute talks will be given on the following topics and more!

– Behavioral thermo-regulation in hydrothermal vent scale worms
– The potential role of salmon farms in pathogen transmission to juvenile Fraser River sockeye salmon
– The effects of climate and landscape use on drinking water quality in BC
– The effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on oxidative stress in the adult brain
– The identification and characterization of western white pine genes for resistance to blister rust fungus

November 10 & 12 8:30am-5pm in room C103, the David Strong Building (UVic). Free and open to the public.

The Unholy Birth of Z-Day

3 09 2010

Monday Fringe reviewer Chris Felling delves into the guts of the local zombie musical

foto by David Bukach

By now, dear Fringer, you’ve no doubt caught wind of Z-Day: The Anthem for the Post-Zombie Apocalypse. Lots of people at the venues have been chatting about it, it stirred up lots more people at preview night. However, at the risk of sounding like some sort of vintage-clad theatre hipster, I saw Z-Day before it was cool and I, like, totally know Jay Mitchell. Yeah, that’s the guy behind it.

Earlier this year, Z-Day was a little-known but much-talked-about show in UVic’s theatre department and, like any good zombie, it’s mutated a little since I last saw it. The move from the cramped and catwalked 80-seat McIntyre theatre at the Phoenix to the spacious Metro has changed things, as has a new cast, longer songs and new material. Surely, dear Fringer, you’re a little bit curious about Z-Day‘s life in the lab? Good! I chatted up writer/director/composer Jay Mitchell before their Monday night show to satisfy that for you.

If through some stroke of bad luck or poor judgement you haven’t seen Z-Day yet, well, spoilers ahead. Tread carefully and don’t let them see you or they will devour the novelty of the show, leaving you a dark and shambling husk of your former self driven only by a ceaseless hunger that blasphemes against nature and I’m sure you’d much rather see such a neat show innocently, without already knowing its surprises.
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