Rifflandia 3//Night 2 (Photos and Words)

25 09 2010

It’s only been maybe two hours, if that, since the last band played their last song to some very pleased and excited fans. Rifflandia 3 night number 2 was memorable. I did do a lot of bouncing between venues, but I did witness some pretty intense and wacky incidents, one involving Mark, the bassist for Maurice jumping from high atop a stack of speakers onto the stage, and landing incredibly awkwardly, springing back to his feet to finish the song and then hobbling off of the stage and as he passes by says to us “I think I broke my foot!”. Another memorable and magical moment was Gord Downie, well into his fifth song of his set, loses power — everything is out — sound, lights, screens — but it doesn’t faze him or his band. They go right into a jam session, like it was planned all along. The crowd is chanting and Gord is screaming right back at them. Moments later, the sound and lights are restored and just like that, they breeze right back into the song not having even skipped a beat. Amazing!!!

I do have to confess this though, prior to Rifflandia 3, I had not been to a show in quite some time. I feel like this is my opportunity to come clean and admit that. With all of the homegrown talent here on this island we call home. I feel guilty not having taken advantage of the talent that is right here. I love it and I love this feeling I’m having right now. I can’t wait for tomorrow (well, later on today). Where will I be? Who knows? Will it be somewhere good? Yes.

From top to bottom: Genvieve Rainey//My Lovely Son//Steph Macpherson//Jets Overhead//Gord Downie//The Great Lake Swimmers//List

Words and Photos by Casey Bennett

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