Rifflandia 3//Night 1 (Photos)

24 09 2010

Rifflandia numero Trois kicked off with a little rain, but that wasn’t enough to wash out some great shows featuring some of musics more original and diverse artists. This is my second year covering Rifflandia for Monday Magazine as a photographer and it’s so exciting not knowing what to expect once you walk through the entrance, past the security and into the venue. It’s one great discovery after another. I had a list of bands I was hoping to see and of course, like last year, I had to compromise due to timing and location, but it didn’t upset me. I ended up photographing some great acts and I walked away brand new fans of Grand Analog and Brasstronaut. This is why I love, love, LOVE this festival. Here are some photographs to kick off this years Rifflandia Music Festival.
From top to bottom: Mike Edel//Sound and Science//Brasstronaut//Grand Analog//Current Swell//Acres of Lions//Aesop Rock

All photographs by Casey Bennett

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