Bonehooves and Mo-Staches

13 11 2011

On Saturday night, The Fort Café hosted a fundraiser for Movember.  For just five bucks, patrons were treated to an evening most musical: four bands, one stage, and better yet, all proceeds went to prostate cancer research.  The evening’s headliners, Bonehoof, much like the Fort Café itself, are one of Victoria’s best kept secrets.  Here’s why.

Let’s start with the band.  Bonehoof is one of those special bands devoid of gimmick, arrogance, and pretense; instead of putting their energy into such futile trappings, they channel their collective musical prowess into something immortal—they make great music.

While the band wears its influences on their sleeves (Being There era Wilco, and modern day Zeus are the first bands that come to mind), they never fall into the fatal trap of mere mimicry; the band nods in the direction of their Amercana tinged predecessors and then take their infectious breed of soul instilled, alt-country in a brand new, vital direction.

The Fort Café proved to be a venue most perfect for “the Hoof”.  Not only is the establishment owned by drummer Benji  C., it also pays homage to an illustrious line of underground clubs; it reminds me of the type of places the Beatles played in before they broke.

While comparing Bonehoof to the young, fresh-faced lads from Liverpool may seem an extravagant exaggeration, listening to this band in a live setting puts all anxiety to rest.  Bonehoof forgoes the cheesy pop sensibilities of the early Beatles, and move right into the meat of White Album angst (though clearly, the members of Bonehoof still like each other).

So, this is a band to keep an eye on.  Rumour has it that they will be recording with a certain someone from Wolf Parade fame very soon, a rumour confirmed by his presence at Saturday night’s show (I fail to recall if he was sporting a moustache).  While we wait with baited breath for the album, we can see an early Bonehoof perform almost every week at the illustrious Fort Street Café; the nachos are to die for, by the way.

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13 11 2011
Bonehooves and Mo-Staches | Bits and Pieces: The Collected Writings of Nick Lyons

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