Finishing Up: An Evening With Dan Mangan

12 11 2011

Shrouded in deep blue light, flanked by a stunning five piece band, Dan Mangan owned the Alix Gooldin Hall’s small stage on Thursday night, playing to an adoring sold out crowd.  This was the last stop on Mangan’s six week tour of Canada and the United States; it didn’t end with a bang, it ended with several.

From the moment Mangan eased his way into the title track of his new record, Oh Fortune, it was obvious that he has grown tremendously since the last time he played the Gooldin.  Mangan’s new material, a textured weave of beautiful and abrasive elements, was at once challenging and charming.  It was a delight to see the crowd gathered at his feet (mostly composed of star struck juveniles) singing along to every song at the top of their lungs.

Particularly noteworthy was Mangan’s hired gun, trumpet player JP Carter, who nailed every crescendo with his delay-pedal adorned horn.  Though the Oh Fortune features an entire brass ensemble, Carter proved more than capable of making up for missing players; it was a treat to watch the revenge of the band nerds on stage.

Mangan’s magnetic charm spilled over after the show when he took the merch booth to say hello, sign autographs, and have pictures taken with his fans, including this one who is often mistaken for Mangan himself (apparently we also look like Seth Rogan).  Do you see a resemblance?




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