Ahead By A Century

6 10 2010

If you haven’t read our interview with The Top 100 Canadian Singles author Bob Mersereau yet, pop on over here and see what he has to say about this list. But if you have and are ready to start perusing, here’s the whole 100. Mull it over and let us know what you think.
Does kd lang deserved to be buried all the way down at #56? Does Bryan Adams really deserve three songs in this list? Should Neil Young’s songs even count as Canadian singles when most were released south of the border? Is it kinda embarrassing that Maestro Fresh Wes is, at #22, so far up the list? (According to his interview in the book, he thinks so. “I’m tired of having people look at me, reference me, what I’ve done, back in the day,” he told Mersereau. “I don’t need to stroke my ego . . . It’s two decades, man. It’s not funny no more.”)

Chime in and have your say. What would you put on this list, and why? What shouldn’t be on this list, and why not?

1. American Woman, The Guess Who
2. Heart of Gold, Neil Young
3. The Weight, The Band
4. Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams
5. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen
6. Born to Be Wild, Steppenwolf
7. If You Could Read My Mind, Gordon Lightfoot
8. Takin’ Care of Business, Bachman Turner Overdrive
9. Four Strong Winds, Ian and Sylvia
10. Snowbird, Anne Murray
11. Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell
12. Tom Sawyer, Rush
13. Try, Blue Rodeo
14. New Orleans Is Sinking, Tragically Hip
15. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon Lightfoot
16. Suzanne, Leonard Cohen
17. Life Is a Highway, Tom Cochrane
18. These Eyes, Guess Who
19. Sundown, Gordon Lightfoot
20. Underwhelmed, Sloan
21. Up On Cripple Creek, The Band
22. Let Your Backbone Slide, Maestro Fresh Wes
23. Tired of Waking Up Tired, The Diodes
25. The Spirit of Radio, Rush
25. Oh What a Feeling, Crowbar
26. High School Confidential, Rough Trade
27. Echo Beach, Martha and the Muffins
28. Sweet City Woman, Stampeders
29. Wake Up, Arcade Fire
30. If I Had $1,000,000, Barenaked Ladies
31. Lindberg, Robert Charlebois
32. I’m an Adult Now, The Pursuit of Happiness
33. Nothin’, Ugly Ducklings
34. Coax Me, Sloan
35. Closer To the Heart, Rush
36. Picture My Face, Teenage Head
37. Shakin’ All Over, The Guess Who
38. Signs, Five Man Electrical Band
39. Lost Together, Blue Rodeo
40. Sonny’s Dream, Ron Hynes
41. The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
42. Claire, Rheostatics
43. One Fine Morning, Lighthouse
44. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want, A Foot In Coldwater
45. Sunglasses at Night, Corey Hart
46. Working For the Weekend, Loverboy
47. Raise a Little Hell, Trooper
48. Rise Up, Parachute Club
49. Black Velvet, Alannah Myles
50. Seasons In the Sun, Terry Jacks
51. Montreal 40C, Malajube
52. Cinnamon Girl, Neil Young
53. You Oughta Know, Alanis Morissette
54. 1234, Feist
55. Rebellion (Lies), Arcade Fire
56. Constant Craving, k.d. lang
57. Rockin’ In the Free World, Neil Young
58. Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy, Michel Pagliaro
59. Lovers In a Dangerous Time, Bruce Cockburn
60. Bobcaygeon, Tragically Hip
61. A Case of You, Joni Mitchell
62. New York City, The Demics
63. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Bryan Adams
64. Ahead By a Century, Tragically Hip
65. Five Days In May, Blue Rodeo
66. I’m Moving On, Hank Snow
67. Pour un instant, Harmonium
68. Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf
69. Money City Maniacs, Sloan
70. My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion
71. Crabbuckit, kos
72. This Beat Goes on/Switchin’ To Glide, The Kings
73. Old Man, Neil Young
74. 1990, Jean Leloup
75. Eyes of a Stranger, Payola$
76. Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, Blue Rodeo
77. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Bachman Turner Overdrive
78. Wondering Where the Lions Are, Bruce Cockburn
79. You Could Have Been a Lady, April Wine
80. Let’s Shake, Teenage Head
81. Help Me, Joni Mitchell
82. We’re Here For A Good Time, Trooper
83. Sunny Days, Lighthouse
84. Le petit roi, Jean-Pierre Ferland
85. Cuts Like a Knife, Bryan Adams
86. The Hockey Song, Stompin’ Tom Connors
87. Wheat Kings, Tragically Hip
88. Mon pays, Gilles Vigneault
89. Home for a Rest, Spirit of The West
90. Letter from an Occupant, New Pornographers
91. No Time, Guess Who
92. As the Years Go By, Mashmakhan
93. Hey Hey My My, Neil Young
94. Diana, Paul Anka
95. The Maker, Daniel Lanois
96. Nova Heart, The Spoons
97. La complainte du phoque en Alaska, Beau Dommage
98. Secret Heart, Ron Sexsmith
99. Run to You, Bryan Adams
100. Weighty Ghost, Wintersleep




4 responses

7 10 2010

I was bummed by the lack of newer tunes in this list, especially given the worldwide attention Canadian music has been getting in the last six or seven years. While I can understand Mersereau’s comment about newer artists and singles still having to prove themselves and see if they stand the test of time, I would be curious to see the age breakdown of the jurors. Perhaps they were a bit of an older demographic?

7 10 2010

well, i’m 46 and i was on the jury for both books. that gives me a solid 30 years of serious canadian music listening. but yeah, where was something like buck 65’s “wicked and weird”? or anything by rufus wainwright or hot hot heat or veda hille or oh susanna? and, come to think about it (not that he’s new, of course), what about gowan’s “strange animal”? hmm . . .

19 11 2010

I’d like to see some Sarah Harmer- Basement Apartment comes to mind, some Sara McLaughlan, some Martina Sorbara- Eggs Over Easy, maybe, and where on earth is Nelly Furtado? Not to mention Loreena McKennit, although she’s kind of another genre.

Its a good list, otherwise.

19 11 2010

oh yeah, and Falling Down Blue by Blue Rodeo is a beautiful song. It should be on the list, for sure 🙂

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