The Party’s Over, The Candles Flicker and Dim

27 09 2010

Bucan Bucan, and the Final Words.

Um, I’m tired. I was tired before I went out. I didn’t think I would dance. I danced.

Bucan Bucan made me dance. Bucan Bucan made me holler. Bucan Bucan made me go to Big Bad John’s after the show and drink “Jager-Bombs.”

Ok that last one may be a bit of stretch, but I tell you these wackos really know how to party.  It was a treat to watch all the heads turn away from the empty stage at Club 9One9, where people were expecting the band to appear, and toward the rear of the club where the trill of horns and the smack of drums could be heard. The numerous members of Bucan Bucan came out through the crowd, dancing and carousing, and in general just causing good-natured trouble. What fun!

From there, these Gypsy rabble-rousers proceeded to work the dance floor into a real mess.  The good kind of mess, where folks forget whatever they think they’re about and just get silly and loose for a while. At one point I’m sure that the band was chanting something like a mixture between the oompa loompa song and the Hare Krishna mantra. Not properly klezmer, not properly, well, anything, this performance was fully delightful. After the show, my buddy Eric excitedly encouraged me to touch his shirt. “I’ve never sweated this much into a garment in my life,” he said. And the shirt was indeed super-saturated.  No one left the dancefloor unsatisfied on this occasion.

Ok, serioulsy, I’m “peacing-out”,  as the kids say. I’ve had a blast covering this wonderful third edition of Rifflandia, and I’m walking away grateful to live in this city, and especially inspired by all the strong local talent we have here. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers that made the festival possible, and to all the artists who brought their best to the stage for our enjoyment. It’s been a pleasure. . .  .

—Jay Elliott Morritt



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