Oh Em Gee, It’s Time for Riff 3!

23 09 2010

Buck 65 at Rifflandia 2. Photo by Casey Bennett.

Your wristbands are strapped on, you’ve scoured the schedule grid to plan your attack, you’ve completed your budgeting to see how much Rifflandibrau you can quaff—Rifflandia is here. Just like last year, we’ll be sending out photographer Casey Bennett as well as bloggers Jay Morritt (who you may remember from our Fringe Fest coverage) and arts editor Amanda Farrell-Low (that’s me!). Expect awesome photos (check out Casey’s work from last year) plus some exclusive interviews and show reviews from myself and Jay, all right here—and we’ll be sure to keep our followers on Twitter and Facebook posted. With a lineup that includes folks like Times Neue Roman, Chali 2na, Aesop Rock, Melissa Auf de Mar, K’Naan and many, many others (157 artists in 10 venues over 4 days, to be exact) it’s sure to be one hell of a weekend.

In the meantime, why not whet your appetite with the Rifflandia coverage in this week’s issue? We’ve got our How-To Guide and interviews with Chali 2na and Kathryn Calder.




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