Maple Leaf EVENTS: July 1 Festivities

30 06 2010

Check out the below activities to keep you busy all Canada Day. Already have a favourite way to spend the holiday? Email it to Danielle Pope at (subject: CANADA DAY) and win a copy of Canadian author Al Purdy’s  A-Frame Anthology.

Walking Tours – Learn the secrets of Johnson Street, Chinatown, the Empress and more. Hosted by DVBA. THURSDAY 10:30am-3:30pm. Free. Call to reserve. 250-386-2238.

Harbour Ferries Ballet – Victoria Harbour Ferries “waltz” while jaunty boats perform a precision water ballet. THURSDAY 10:45am at Ship Point (Inner Harbour). Free. 250-386-2238.

Trolley Rides – Hop-on, hop-off stops at: Wharf at Bastion Square, Store at Chatham, across from Capital Iron/Ocean River, Government at Pandora, in front of Mountain Equipment Co-op. THURSDAY 11am-3pm. Free. 250-386-2238.

Open The Doors to History – Explore the insides of buildings rarely experienced, including Capital Iron, Christ Church Cathedral, Masonic Hall, Tam Kung Taoist Temple and more. THURSDAY 11am-3pm at various locations. Free. 250-386-2238.

Brass in the Square – Antique vehicles on display, including the restored 1906 Zust, one of three vehicles that completed the 1908 Great Race Around the World. THURSDAY 11am-4pm at Centennial Square. Free. 250-386-2238.

A Flavour of Canada – Enjoy international foods from Hungary, India, Mexico and more. THURSDAY-SUNDAY 11am-10pm at Ship Point (Inner Harbour). Various prices. 250-385-5711,

DVBA Living Flag – Red or white t-shirt will be given to all those who help create this BC record-breaking flag. THURSDAY 12-2pm on Legislature lawn. Free. 250-385-5711,

Chalk One Up For Canada – What does Canada symbolize? Kids and adults are invited to draw on the sidewalk! Local chalk master Ian Morris will create a 3D chalk masterpiece. THURSDAY 12-3pm at Yates between Blanshard & Douglas (north sidewalk). Free. 250-386-2238.

Monster Mural – Children can join a 20-foot mural portraying Canada from coast to coast. THURSDAY 12-4pm on Legislature lawn. Free. 250-385-5711,

Magic in Market Square – Magicians including Donald Dunphy, Murray Hatfield, the Canadian Pacific Ballet and more will perform their talents. THURSDAY 12-3pm. Free. 250-386-2238.

Centennial Square music – Hosted by Victoria International JazzFest. Sara Marreiros (12:30pm). Nick La Riviere Septet (1:45pm). Bria Skonberg (3:15pm). The Wide Alley (4:30pm). Free. THURSDAY at Centennial Square. All-ages. Free. 250-388-4423.

Pirate School – Wannabe pirates can learn the art of scrimshaw, create maps to buried treasure, get tattooed and become skilled buccaneers with balloon swords. Hosted by the Maritime Museum of BC. THURSDAY 5-8pm at Ship Point (Inner Harbour). Free. 250-385-4222, ext 113.

Evening Entertainment Bands and story tellers help celebrate, including Anne Glover (5:30pm), Rock Island Ramblers (6:20pm), Bucan Bucan (7:15pm), Hayley Sales (8:20pm) and Jon & Roy (9:15pm). All THURSDAY at Legislature lawn. Free. 250-385-5711,

FireworksSing O’Canada with the masses and delight in the light fantastic. THURSDAY 10:20pm at Ship Point (Inner Harbour). Free. 250-385-5711,



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