Concert Review: LA Riots

24 06 2010

LA Riots at a show in Rochester

L.A. Riots – June 18, Sugar

By Otiena Ellwand

L.A. Riots took the stage at Sugar nightclub on Friday, but instead of bringing any riotous dance moves to the floor, as was hoped, it just felt like your average night out at the club.

Sure there were a few smashing successes— namely the remix of a Lion King song that was so unexpected it brought out some truly animalistic dance moves. There were a few other good remixes, like the one of an Empire of the Sun song and another featuring portions of La Roux. Otherwise, “the best DJ’s from L.A.” (as touted by JFK of MSTRKFT) really didn’t measure up to expectations. They are nothing more unique than your average club DJ.

The real test of a good electronic concert is seeing how a DJ strings together the transitions from one track to the next. In the case of L.A. Riots, that was the worst part. The crescendo and suspense were built up well all to be knocked down again by long, static pauses of noise between tracks. So much for keeping the dance vibe alive. It was as though the DJ was a bit slow clicking next on his iTunes playlist.

All in all, if you weren’t there on Friday night you didn’t miss much. I suspect that the local DJ’s that play at Victoria’s Electronic Music Festival (VEMF) over the August long weekend will have more groundbreaking goodies to offer than these big city celebrities.



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