GIGS: Punk & Metal Fest

18 05 2010

Any skid with a couple bucks and a Black Flag patch can wander down to a punk show at Victoria Event Centre or James Bay Community Project. Hauling your carless self out to Langford for a  three-day long weekend all-ages show? Fair weather mall punks need not apply.

Dead Eyes Open (above), Reaver, Throat Poets, The Whiteboard Project and Yukon on FRIDAY, 6:45pm. Unleash the Archers, Scythia, Aquila, Llama God and Rotten Rails on SATURDAY, 6:45pm. The Laundronauts, The Zap Straps, The New Colors, Moss Rock and Sea-Sekshun on SUNDAY, 2pm.

At Isabelle Reader Theatre. $15 each day. All-ages.

Want a copy of The Laundronauts’ Come Clean? Email me (Subject: Clean) and tell me how many buses you have to take to get to this show.



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