Gigs: David “Honeyboy” Edwards

23 03 2010

Alan Lomax-recorded, friend to Robert Johnson,
2010 Lifetime Achievement Grammy-awarded Delta blues guitar legend.

SATURDAY MARCH 27 8pm at Hermann’s (753 View). $32.50.

Music: Spring Hoots

23 03 2010

Nick Lyons takes in a Sunday tradition

In the beginning was the Word: Hootenanny.  The Word was coined by a couple o’ hillbillies from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States of America.  It was a catch-all, used in place of those words that only make it as far as the tip of one’s tongue: synonymous with “whaddyacallit?” or “thingy.”

Eventually, the word morphed and was used to describe a party and then, more specifically, a musical party.  Pete Seeger first heard the word just across the water from us, in Seattle, at Hugh DeLacey’s New Deal Political Club, in reference to the monthly musical fundraisers they had over there.

Eventually, “Hootenanny” spread back across the continent to New York, where it was adopted by Greenwich Village folk musicians such as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, both of whom were regulars at the Bitter End Club, which hosted hootenannies every Tuesday night.  Read the rest of this entry »

Get a Life: March 18- 24

18 03 2010

SOUND & VISION – Silent classic shorts with musical accompaniment.

Featuring Run Chico Run, David P. Smith, Lily Fawn, Ryan Beattie, members of Forestry, Dan Wisenburger, The Old Hand & Diamond, and Cleopatra & The Nile. Silent feature: Faust (1926), the film that inspired Fantasia. FRIDAY 7:15pm at UVic’s Cinecenta. $10/$8.

Get a Life: March 11- 17

11 03 2010

GIGS: SHARE – East Coast acoustic duo. With Cody Alan Gregory, Bula Vinaka and My Lovely Son. WEDNESDAY 7pm at DAB Studios. All-ages.

The slightly hard-to-google Nova Scotia band Share is spending their St. Patrick’s Day in Victoria. More accurately, in Esquimalt — at the all-ages venue Dab Studio (602 Esquimalt). What started as a solo project for Andrew Sisk became a full five-member band, though Share appears this week as a duo. Catch their sweet and dreamy melodic pop, along with openers Cody Alan Gregory, local duo Bula Vinaka, and folkster My Lovely Son. (More info on Facebook.)

Want a copy of Share’s 2009 album Slumping In Your Murals? E-mail (Subject: Share).

Tell me why you love all-ages shows and I’ll give you My Lovely Son’s The Hunt is On, too.

Get a life, get stuff: March 4 – 10

4 03 2010

GIGS: CORIN RAYMOND Modern troubadour and half of Toronto’s The Undesirables. With Raghu Lokanathan. FRIDAY 7:30pm at AV Studio (3A-1618 1/2 Government). $15. Limited seating.

Want a copy of Raghu Lokanathan’s locally recorded Blue Girl? It features guitar, banjo, accordian, organ, piano, sousaphone

GIGS: DJ CHAMPION & HIS G-STRINGS – Driving dance beats with a heavy live band, from Montreal. With guests. SUNDAY 8pm at Sugar. $20.

Want a copy of DJ Champion’s Resistance?
Subject: Champion.

CONCERTS: HAWKSLEY WORKMAN – Cabaret rocker brings the folk glam. With guests. SATURDAY 7:30pm at Alix Goolden Hall. $29.50. All-ages.

Want a copy of Workman’s 2010 release, Meat?
Subject: Hawks-me.

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