Gigs: Designer Drugs

30 03 2010

Remix club DJs from New York. With Kenzie Clarke and BNGZ N KRLZ.
FRIDAY 9pm at Sugar. $15.

You might think that raves were something that happened ten years ago, in the woods, with sweaty, colourful kids in various states of inebriation dancing wildly. You’re only wrong about a few things. Like the woods part. And the “ten years ago.”

At this moment, all across America young people are donning jazzercise wear and over-sized glasses. Emboldened by bass, booze, and the love of self-documentation, these neo-Club Kids plan to party into the wee hours. Such may be the case on Friday, when two remix DJs calling themselves Designer Drugs hit Sugar Nightclub. (Check out MySpace to see photo evidence of the potential good times.)

While newsrooms and parents worry, the rest of us might just weigh our spines against the FOMO. Designer Drugs make a kind of electro club hits-meets-the music in Super Mario Bros when you’re in the castle. Three hours of getting sweaty on the dance floor versus another night spent bobbing your head to a bearded broken heart with a guitar?

Party people, start your engines.

– Mayana C. Slobodian

Email me (Subject: Drugs) and tell me why you like dancing,
and I’ll give you a couple tickets to the show.

Congratulations to our reader Julien Loiselle!



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