From Here: Ian Morris

25 03 2010

Ian Morris does chalk art throughout the year on Government Street, in front of Munro’s Books.

How long have you lived in Victoria?
Since February 2000.

Don’t you get cold?
Oh yeah. Hunkered down to close to the sidewalk, you get cold. I worked for years as a commercial fisherman, picking sea urchins underwater. I’m used to working in the cold.

Why did you move to Victoria?
I was living in Campbell River and commercial fishing kind of died, so I moved here. To seek my fortune.

Where did you learn to draw?
Practice, ever since I was a child. I went to art school at Ottawa U and Concordia in Montreal.

How do you pick your pictures?
Whatever strikes me that day. I quite often pick an artist and run through their repertoire ’til I get tired of it. Lately it’s been Waterhouse.

It reminds me a little of Buddhist monks who do the sand mandalas as a reminder of the impermanence of life.
Yeah, well we’re living in a society that’s immersed in commercialism and materialism. Ever since our kind started walking, millions of generations have been hunter-gatherers. It’s only in the last 10,000 or so years that we turned to agrarianism, and that finished only about a hundred years ago. If you ask most people if this lifestyle we’re living is normal, most will say “no.” Our pursuit of material wealth, burning up everything around us — it’s not natural. So in a very subtle way, I try to demonstrate the futility of it.

Do you call yourself a street artist?
The Italians called it novinare. Back in the 15th century they started this kind of work. The English call it being a screevner. You know Bert from Mary Poppins? Screevner.

– Mayana C. Slobodian



One response

3 07 2011

I’m presuming it’s a typing error in the article but the term for street artist is “screever”.

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