Get a Life: April 1-7

31 03 2010

MATT ANDERSEN – Victoria Jazz Society presents New Brunswick’s larger-than-life acoustic blues showman.

With roots-rock songwriter Wil.

THURSDAY April 1, 8pm at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). $22. 250-386-6121.

BEUNA BUYA – Victoria’s epic 11-piece funk ska band.

With The Jessica Stuart Few and The Party on High Street.

SUNDAY April 4, 8pm at Victoria Event Centre. $7.

IN-FLIGHT SAFETY – Halifax’s atmospheric indie rockers.

With Vancouver’s Yukon Blonde.

WEDNESDAY April 7, 9pm at Lucky. $14.

To get Wil’s In This Together, The Jessica Stuart Few’s Kid Dream, and Yukon Blonde’s self-titled debut, email me (Subject: Wil The Yukon) and tell me which show you’re planning on going to.
Congratulations to our reader Joanne Rosen!
(In case you’re wondering, she’ll be at the In-Flight Safety show at Lucky…)

An Afternoon with Jon Middleton

31 03 2010

Nick Lyons sits down with half (okay, a quarter) of Jon and Roy

I first met Jon Middleton a couple years ago when we were both doin’ time, makin’ big batches of wine for the masses at Cook Street Village Wine Works.  It was almost Christmas, a very busy time of year for any U-Brew, and the owners were kind enough to take pity on my carboy-busted back by bringing in their buddy Jonny to help out for a couple weeks.  They said, “Jonny’s a musician, you guys will get along great!”

At first, I was skeptical about their decision to bring a musician in to help out.  I envisioned some silver-spoon-fed prima donna; a David Lee Roth type, who would guzzle more wine than he made, who would play air-guitar along with anthems such as “Rock Me Like a Hurricane” whenever they were played on our shitty little radio in the back.  I couldn’t have been more far off. Read the rest of this entry »

Gigs: Designer Drugs

30 03 2010

Remix club DJs from New York. With Kenzie Clarke and BNGZ N KRLZ.
FRIDAY 9pm at Sugar. $15.

You might think that raves were something that happened ten years ago, in the woods, with sweaty, colourful kids in various states of inebriation dancing wildly. You’re only wrong about a few things. Like the woods part. And the “ten years ago.”

At this moment, all across America young people are donning jazzercise wear and over-sized glasses. Emboldened by bass, booze, and the love of self-documentation, these neo-Club Kids plan to party into the wee hours. Such may be the case on Friday, when two remix DJs calling themselves Designer Drugs hit Sugar Nightclub. (Check out MySpace to see photo evidence of the potential good times.)

While newsrooms and parents worry, the rest of us might just weigh our spines against the FOMO. Designer Drugs make a kind of electro club hits-meets-the music in Super Mario Bros when you’re in the castle. Three hours of getting sweaty on the dance floor versus another night spent bobbing your head to a bearded broken heart with a guitar?

Party people, start your engines.

– Mayana C. Slobodian

Email me (Subject: Drugs) and tell me why you like dancing,
and I’ll give you a couple tickets to the show.

Congratulations to our reader Julien Loiselle!

Concert Review: Bonfire Ball

29 03 2010

Embracing the Colle(c)ttive

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I walked into the Bonfire Ball on Saturday night.  A friend of mine had seen the show in Seattle a couple nights prior and simply told me that I was in for a surprise—and to be sure that I got there right on time…

Read Nick Lyons’ review of Saturday’s Jason Collett, Zeus and Bahamas show at Sugar Nightclub.

Gigs: Think About Life

26 03 2010

Amazing synth/soul indie rock from Montreal.
With Slam Dunk. TUESDAY MARCH 30 9pm at Lucky. $15.

Want a copy of their 2009 release Family? Email me (Subject: TAL).
Congratulations to our reader Eric Courtin! 

From Here: Ian Morris

25 03 2010

Ian Morris does chalk art throughout the year on Government Street, in front of Munro’s Books.

How long have you lived in Victoria?
Since February 2000.

Don’t you get cold?
Oh yeah. Hunkered down to close to the sidewalk, you get cold. I worked for years as a commercial fisherman, picking sea urchins underwater. I’m used to working in the cold.

Why did you move to Victoria?
I was living in Campbell River and commercial fishing kind of died, so I moved here. To seek my fortune.

Where did you learn to draw?
Practice, ever since I was a child. I went to art school at Ottawa U and Concordia in Montreal.

How do you pick your pictures?
Whatever strikes me that day. I quite often pick an artist and run through their repertoire ’til I get tired of it. Lately it’s been Waterhouse.

It reminds me a little of Buddhist monks who do the sand mandalas as a reminder of the impermanence of life.
Yeah, well we’re living in a society that’s immersed in commercialism and materialism. Ever since our kind started walking, millions of generations have been hunter-gatherers. It’s only in the last 10,000 or so years that we turned to agrarianism, and that finished only about a hundred years ago. If you ask most people if this lifestyle we’re living is normal, most will say “no.” Our pursuit of material wealth, burning up everything around us — it’s not natural. So in a very subtle way, I try to demonstrate the futility of it.

Do you call yourself a street artist?
The Italians called it novinare. Back in the 15th century they started this kind of work. The English call it being a screevner. You know Bert from Mary Poppins? Screevner.

– Mayana C. Slobodian

Get a Life: March 25 – 31.

24 03 2010


Maple Blues Award nominee returns to “Harpo’s.” Hosted by the Victoria Blues Society.
SUNDAY 7-11pm at Upstairs Cabaret (1127 Wharf). $10.

Want tickets to see Bill Johnson? Email us (Subject: Blues).
Congratulations to readers Hubert Migeon and Jen Schneider!


Three-time Juno-winning, Vancouver-based Afro-funk guitarist and Guinean-Canadian singer/songwriter.

CD release concert hosted by Global Rhythms Society. FRIDAY 8pm at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). $26 plus charges. 250-386-6121,

To win a copy of Alpha Yaya Diallo’s Imme, email us.
Congratulations to our lucky reader Ruth!


Heartfelt indie pop from Vancouver. With Roger Dean Young and The Neins. SATURDAY 9pm at Fort Cafe. $6. All-ages.

To win a copy of Prairie Cat’s It Began/Ended With Sparks, email us (Subject: Sparks).

Gigs: David “Honeyboy” Edwards

23 03 2010

Alan Lomax-recorded, friend to Robert Johnson,
2010 Lifetime Achievement Grammy-awarded Delta blues guitar legend.

SATURDAY MARCH 27 8pm at Hermann’s (753 View). $32.50.

Music: Spring Hoots

23 03 2010

Nick Lyons takes in a Sunday tradition

In the beginning was the Word: Hootenanny.  The Word was coined by a couple o’ hillbillies from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States of America.  It was a catch-all, used in place of those words that only make it as far as the tip of one’s tongue: synonymous with “whaddyacallit?” or “thingy.”

Eventually, the word morphed and was used to describe a party and then, more specifically, a musical party.  Pete Seeger first heard the word just across the water from us, in Seattle, at Hugh DeLacey’s New Deal Political Club, in reference to the monthly musical fundraisers they had over there.

Eventually, “Hootenanny” spread back across the continent to New York, where it was adopted by Greenwich Village folk musicians such as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, both of whom were regulars at the Bitter End Club, which hosted hootenannies every Tuesday night.  Read the rest of this entry »

Get a Life: March 18- 24

18 03 2010

SOUND & VISION – Silent classic shorts with musical accompaniment.

Featuring Run Chico Run, David P. Smith, Lily Fawn, Ryan Beattie, members of Forestry, Dan Wisenburger, The Old Hand & Diamond, and Cleopatra & The Nile. Silent feature: Faust (1926), the film that inspired Fantasia. FRIDAY 7:15pm at UVic’s Cinecenta. $10/$8.

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