Rally for the Arts – October 20

15 10 2009

I’d like to think we here at Monday Mag have been providing pretty extensive coverage of the proposed cuts to arts and culture funding here in B.C.. Just saw this event posted on Facebook and wanted to pass it along. I’d be there if I could (Tuesday is a press day over here!) but if you can make it, go.

For the Facebook-inclined, the info is here.

Pertinent details are posted below.


Save BC Arts Funding!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
11:00am – 12:00pm
BC Legislative Buildings
501 Belleville Street
Victoria, BC
The BC Liberal government has proposed cuts to funding for the arts, in the order of 50% this coming year, 90% in 2011, and 91%-94% the following year.

We believe that arts and culture are an essential part of our society and are therefore rallying to show our opposition to these cuts.

So… artists of all shapes and sizes, please join us on the steps of the BC legislature! Bring an instrument, a work of art, or a sign!

UVic music students – if you have a class with Susan Lewis-Hammond, Jonathan Goldman, or Harold Krebs, you have their permission and encouragement to be a part of this event. We’ll be leaving the school at 10:30 and back by 12:30. Other students? Talk to your teachers and make it a field trip!

Let your voice be heard. It’s only an hour out of your day to show your concern for the rest of your (or your friends) careers.

And invite everybody you know!!! We need at least 200 people for this to be noticeable.

A good website? Check out http://www.stopbcartscuts.ca/




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