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28 09 2009

By the time I got down to see Holy Fuck in Element, they were halfway through their set. Two girls walked around in their bras, perhaps to even things out for the girl walked around wearing a full head to toe cow costume, complete with udder. Someone wearing a woolen raccoon mask got into a slight shoving contest with a random passer by. Everyone was crazy, but everyone was loving it.

The bar was at capacity, but everyone had wedged and shoved themselves onto the dance-floor, or as close to as possible, so it still looked half empty. At one point Element employee Mike Page stood up on the top of his bar to get a better view of the band.

“Holy fuck,” he said afterward. “It was incredible. They’ve been on my top 5 bands-to-see list for the last few years now and wow, they didn’t disappoint. One of my favourite shows ever.”

The line at Market Square was over three hundred long. Of the people that actually made it in before Buck 65 took the stage, a two-plus hour wait was not uncommon. While waiting for him to start I ended up having a drink with Dan from Inflight Safety, and we talked a little about the Canadian music community.

“Everyone is friends with everyone.”

He and Dan Mangan text each other brick-breaker scores to beat. Hey Rosetta! Sleeps at his house when they hit Halifax. On Friday, they found themselves scheduled opposite Library Voices, who they’re soon taking off on a cross-country tour with.

“It’s all very incestuous, but friendly. Though I suppose incest implies a level of friendliness. Or maybe over-friendliness. I guess it’s a question of how much is too much…”

A trip into the Rifflandia HQ got me a little information about the shows. OF all of the bands, only two had to cancel, and both on super short notice. “They both were super short notice. Final Fantasy even came in and picked up his passes,” said one Rifflandia worker, “and then he started throwing up and crying. Because he was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to play, I mean, he was just crying.”

Buck 65 looked lonely, alone on stage and wearing a thick white cardigan. But he had energy, and the audience delighted in live versions of SITUATION standout track “Dang” and his biggest hit to date, “Wicked and Weird.” He also introduced a lot of the people there to work from his new project Bike for Three. The sound quality was good, and he never missed a beat. then, at about quarter after he one, he was done.

His set was good, but it was also only half as long as a lot of people waited in line to see it.

“I thought his set was awesome. He was great. I probably wouldn’t have waited in line for two hours if I knew that he was only going to play for one, but I’m not really upset about having done it,” said Tiffany, a local university student. There were a lot of other comments about the brevity of his set, but no one had a single criticism about the quality.

Even though his set was short, afterwards he spent a good deal of time talking with fans, taking pictures and giving autographs. He stood around with a group of fans long after most of the rest of the audience had left.




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1 02 2010
Rod Chilton

I am not sure I am at the correct location for this comment, but here goes anyhow. I have noticed over the past years the gradual disappearance of the corner store. These in most cases were very colourful places of business, often operated by Chinese proprieters. I suspect the reason for their disappearnce are many fold. This would include an aging of the people that operated them (and the fact that the younger geneation did not wish to continue in their parent’s line of work). Certainly too, the big stores with their longer hours have cut into the business of these small enterprises. In any case, any thought of doing a story on this very colourful aspect of Victoria’s history? Thank-you for your attention, Rod Chilton.

12 02 2010
Randy A

I am interested in starting a low income restaurant and help those families that are less fortunate. I am also looking for a location that would be a possibitly for this. What I am thinking of is a good healthy meal like roast beef dinner a nice rice or other starch and healthy local vegetables that say a single mom with children could afford. And the children under 12 would eat free and the mom or dad would pay 5 or so dollars and feed the family in a restaurant setting or at least have a nice place to come and eat that is not a food line or soup kitchen. This is an idea. I am a chef and I do struggle wtih addiction myself and I would like to help and give back to the community and share my love of cooking with the rest of those who struggle on limited incomes as well. Thanks Randy.

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