Mentioned in Passing: A random selection of Rifflandia quotes

25 09 2009

Ever wonder what doesn’t make a published interview? Sometimes it’s the boring stuff or just lame answers to equally lame questions, but other times there are some real nuggets that get passed over simply due to word count. With that in mind, here’s a few bon mots that didn’t make Greg Pratt’s Rifllandia piece in the current issue of Monday.

Roofs are good

Rifflandia organzier NICK BLASKO on a solid difference between this and last year’s fest:

“We have a festival headquarters now, whereas last year we had a temporary tent. It feels pretty awesome to have a roof over our heads, and to be able to provide our audience with a consistent place to access information, face to face.”

They like us . . . we think

Featured act AN HORSE drummer Damon Cox on why the Australian duo is appearing at Rifflandia:

“I guess the organisers like our band? I’d like to think so anyway.”

Bonus points for honesty

BEACH HOUSE guitarist Alex Scally answering questions with absolute truth:

What are you up to today?

“Today we practiced a bit for the tour we leave for on Friday and planned some photographs for the album we have just finished. That’s literally all we did . . . sorry it’s not more interesting.”

What will you bring to Rifflandia’s audiences?

“A very loud, warm ball of energy that will hopefully make everyone feel differently: some blissful, others full of regret, some amused, others lost in daydreams . . . ”

Do you know much about Rifflandia?

“No, not much—all we have heard again and again is that Victoria is insanely beautiful. Can’t wait!”

Chopsticks and Anthrax

Michael Dawson of Regina buzz band LIBRARY VOICES on his keyboard abilities (or lack thereof):

“I write the lyrics and then mostly mess around with effects pedals and the synths; I add a lot of the textural elements to our songs. Truth be told, I might be the only human on Earth who owns a keyboard and can’t even play ‘Chopsticks’ . . . although once in high school I did sit down and learn how to play ‘Got The Time’ by Anthrax on my mom’s piano.”

Note to fans: An Horse vocalist Kate Cooper likes chocolate and comic books

Note to fans: An Horse vocalist Kate Cooper likes chocolate and comic books

Which is bigger—the tuba or the moustache?

Natasha Enquist of local outfit BUCAN BUCAN on the reality behind their performances:

“We’re singing in Croatian and Serbian (and we know most of what we are singing about), Chris’s moustache is real, our large tuba is called a sousaphone and yes, we’re that band that played all through the rain and under the lightening and rainbow at this year’s Luminara Festival. And besides playing at pubs and festivals, Bucan Bucan is available for parties of all kinds, gallery openings, parades, markets, weddings, funerals—all the ways to celebrate life! We’re taking offers now for Hallowe’en, Christmas and New Year’s parties!”

Bonus points for honesty II

Michael Dawson of LIBRARY VOICES on why they were chosen to appear at Rifflandia:

“That’s a really good question—unfortunately I don’t have an answer for it.”
What else should Victorians know about you?

“We absolutely love your city. We can’t wait to get back to beautiful streets, pillage your Value Village, eat ourselves sick on your buck-a-slice
pizza, enjoy the lights from Christmas Hill and, most importantly, make some new friends.”

Send that girl to Legends . . . and Roger’s

AN HORSE drummer Damon Cox on how to give  vocalist Kate Cooper a treat:

“Kate enjoys comic books . . . and chocolate.”




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